Who We Are ?

We Are
Desafio Global

We believe in challenges and we think globally.

After 20 years, the passion that brought us together continues. During these 20 years, we have learned a lot, we have shared experiences, built up relationships based on trust, and always added something to every job. We have established creative processes and new ways of thinking and acting. We have changed as many times as was necessary. But the focus was maintained. Today we offer global experiences and we have more dreams, and better dreams.

Communicating, interacting, bringing together, uniting, informing, clarifying, motivating, sensitising, exciting, incentivising, constructing. These are action verbs, and they are more than just words. They are our tools, and they are our projects and our objectives. We organise events and brand activations, and everything that involves a need to convey a message at a specific place and time to a group of people. And we do so by using our instinct, our experience, our dedication and our talent for imagining that this is a unique moment in the life of a company, in the lives of several people. And in our life too.

We have held more than 3,000 events over 20 years, an average of 170 per year, involving one million participants.

We are DG. We are experience.